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Coming in November! The RG Community and Forums is proud to announce the opening of a new forum for Christian parents and girls.



Coming in December!



to the Raising Girls Community and Forums.  Until now, Raising Girls has been little more than a discussion forum.  We will soon be adding new discussion forums, expanding the Raising Girls Forum, and expanding this site.


Join our forums to experience a refreshing, family-oriented approach to Raising Girls.




Our "Family First" Philosophy

Spanking Children

The Raising Girls Community and Forums takes a "family" first" approach to bringing up girls.  We believe that effective and excellent parenting lies in making our children and our family, our first priority in our life.


We also believe that good parenting includes boundaries and discipline, encouragement and esteem building, positive reinforcement, and conservative values.


We also believe that permissive parenting, or "enabling" is counter-productive to raising responsible girls. A girl left without discipline is a girl left without love and attention.  Discipline, however, is not punishment.  Discipline is about teaching and learning, and although unpleasant consequences are sometimes necessary, they are never given without plenty of love. 


We believe that happy girls are girls who have a home full of love, guidance, education, involvement, goals, encouragement, and attention to their wants and needs.


If you believe in this philosophy, we invite you to join our community.  Girls and parents are always welcome!

About Us

Raising Teen Girls

The Raising Girls Forum is for parents, girls, and other individuals who are interested in topics related to Raising Girls from a conservative point-of-view.  Our parents and girls come from all over the world and from all walks of life, but they have several things in common.  They come from families where children are first, and families where good values are important.  We are a family-oriented site and our members include parents and girls who understand and appreciate the importance of family time, discipline, education, and  involvement in church or other organizations which

contribute to a girls growth, maturity, and values.                     JOIN US TODAY!

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